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One 10 Wheat

Wheat Ale

Hops: Hallertauer & Hersbrucker

A traditional, Bavarian style wheat ale, brewed from a blend of American grown wheat and pilsner malt, paired, perfectly, with local Mt. Hood Hops.

ABV 5.7%

IBU 16

Wig Wag Wit

Belgian WitBier

Our take on the Belgian Style ale that’s very pale and a bit cloudy in appearance due to it being unfiltered and the high level of wheat that’s used in the mash. Always spiced, ours has coriander and orange zest. The crispness and slight twang comes from the wheat and the lively level of carbonation.

ABV 5.2%

IBU 16

Slack Action Kölsch


Fermented at 63 degrees, then cold conditioned, it has the delicate fruity aroma of an ale with a crisp, clean finish of a lager. It is brewed with a light roasted pilsner malt and 100% Willamette Valley Hops!

ABV 5.5

IBU 14

Railside Pale Ale

Pale Ale

Hops: Cascade & Chinook

You’ll first notice our Pale Ale is filled with robust flavors. Its medium body is tied together with a deep amber color, caramel sweetness and smooth malt. The Cascade & Chinook hops from the Willamette Valley really helped create this earthy, well-balanced Brew.

ABV 5.7%

IBU 34

RailSide Oktoberfest

Bavarian Märzen

This brew is our take on a German Fest Lager; with Vienna & Pilsner Malts!

ABV 6.2%

IBU 18

Danny Boy Red Ale

Irish Red

Named after my good friend, Daniel R. Murphy. This is an Irish style red ale that is full of malty characteristics. Brewed with a touch of black malt and an abundance of roasted barley, this beer is rich and robust- just like Murphy!

ABV 5.3

IBU 28

HayBurner Harvest Ale

American Ale

HayBurner marks the changing of the seasons.  Our English style pale ale pours a light amber color and is hopped with Jarrylo hops that give us a hint of crisp pear and apple that are so prevalent in the Pacific Northwest at this time of year.

ABV 5.73%

IBU 19


Checz/American Pilsner

Hybrid Pilsner blending American hops with hops from the Czech Republic.

ABV 6.2%

IBU 24

Single Engine


This spring’s version is a hop forward session IPA exclusively brewed with Mosaic hops. The uniqueness of these hops creates notes of citrus, earth, pine and stone fruit. It’s a bold Ale that finishes smooth.

ABV 5.9

IBU 30

Hopper Car IPA

India Pale Ale

Hops: Chinook & Cascade

This IPA is bursting with legendary West Coast IPA Hops. The combination of Chinook and Cascade Hops make this IPA truly satisfy those hop lovers.

ABV 6.8%

IBU 77


Blond Bock

Hops: Hallertau

An authentic German-style Bock that celebrates the beginning of Spring. This deeply-flavored lager has been aged to create a smooth, malty lager with a sweet finish; accented by a touch of noble hops.

ABV 7.4%

IBU 25

Lemon Rye’d IPA

Rye India Pale Ale

Our brew for the Weird Beer Festival on the River in Washougal, WA, in July 2016! It quickly became a favorite, so we brewed it again!

ABV 6.2%

IBU 64

Express Train Winter Ale

India Pale Ale

Hops: Chinook & Hallertau Mosaic

This brew is the perfect partner to the Northwest Winter rain. A true Winter Warmer made to celebrate the season: Full-bodied and rich, crowned with a creamy head and finished with a Mosaic Hop.

ABV 6.7%

IBU 32


India Pale Ale

Small Batch Wet Hop IPA

ABV 6.8%

IBU 45

Hoppy Hobo Wet Hop IPA


Our seasonal Wet Hop IPA. Wet hops are taken from vine to boil kettle within a matter of hours -never dried.  The wet hops are extremely resinous and allow all the oils and earthy, floral and citrus flavors to really shine.  This year we used 35lbs of Wet Centennial Hops in the HOBO and we think you will be happy about it.

ABV 6.0%

IBU 44

Trestle NW IPA

India Pale Ale

Hops: Cascade & Centennial

Big, hoppy, Northwest style IPA, with a deep copper color and lots of malty sweetness. Tones of Crosby Farm hops jammed into every barrel brewed; the combination of Centennial and Cascade Hops gives an earthy, citrus nose.

ABV 6.95%

IBU 72

Railside IPA

India Pale Ale

A deep amber, malty, English style IPA brewed with just enough Willamette Valley Hops to let you know they are there.

ABV 6.2%

IBU 56

Old Railroad Tunnel Rye

Rye - India Pale Ale

Brewed perfectly, with malted rye, to give this IPA a nice smooth flavor. The combination of Simcoe and Citra Hops makes the Rye IPA light and refreshing; with loads of hop aroma.

ABV 6.5%

IBU 59


Imperial IPA

Hops: Amarillo, Centennial, Citra Chinook

Packed full of hops, Derailer explodes with hope flavor and aroma. The Vienne-style malt gives just a hint of sweet flavor and body, keeping the focus on the hop aromas of grapefruit, lemon zest and northwest pine.

ABV 9.2%

IBU 75

Last Car Double Red

Double - Red IPA

Hops: Simcoe, Citra & Mosaic

This Double Red IPA has a burnt copper color with a touch of roasted malt; to complement the abundant amount of Hops in this brew!

ABV 7.2%

IBU 77

No. 9 Belgian Dubbel

Belgian Dubbel

Hops: Hallertua Hersbrucker

Traditional Belgian Dubbel pours a deep gold with a lacy white head. It has aromas of candy apple, candied sugar and cloves. The slight alcohol warmth finishes semi-dry and makes it great for the cold winter nights.

ABV 7.8%

IBU 23

RSB Cherry Stout


Part of our seasonal rotation, our Stout is brewed with just enough real Oregon Cherries to complement the balance of roasted and black malts, make this a true Stout Ale.

ABV 6.3%


Tinderbox Porter


The 90 minutes boil of 3 crystal malts brings out the robust and complex flavor in this lightly hopped elixir.

ABV 6.2%

IBU 29


Tart Cherry Cider

ABV 6.6%

Signalman Stout


Hops: Mt. Hood

One of our Seasonal Stouts ales, this brew has incredible depth of malt flavor; presenting notes of espresso, cocoa, roasted grain & a light hit of molasses. The Coal Loader is bold but refined, with a smooth body & a delicate finish.

ABV 6.3

IBU 20


Wig Wag Wit

ABV 5.2% IBU 16

Railside Pale Ale

ABV 5.7% IBU 34

Danny Boy Red Ale

ABV 5.3 IBU 28


ABV 6.2% IBU 24

Single Engine

ABV 5.9 IBU 30

Hopper Car IPA

ABV 6.8% IBU 77

Lemon Rye’d IPA

ABV 6.2% IBU 64

Trestle NW IPA

ABV 6.95% IBU 72


ABV 6.6%

Signalman Stout

ABV 6.3 IBU 20